Labrador Retriever Club 
Patron:  Her Majesty The Queen
President:  The Earl of Lonsdale

Field trials 2017/18 Results

270th Novice Stake (15 dogs) 
Our 1st novice stake of the season held at the Neville Holt Hall Shoot by kind permission of Mr David Ross and kind invitation of Mr Jim Chattaway and his invited guns.
Judges: Mrs Linda Partridge, Mrs Sally Richardson, Derek Hill and Stuart Arch.
Excellent day with plenty of game and challenging retrieves for the handlers.
Guns' Choice & Winner of the Boutflour Trophy, The Loebl cup for best Owner/Handler and the Club Challenge Cup for the Best Looking Dog in the awards.
1st: Alan Ward's dog Birdsgreen Moses of Rowansbourne. (11/05/2014). 
Sire: Ft Ch Calderhey Adder. Dam: Birdsgreen Griffon. Breeder:  Sara Gadd

2nd: Phil Highfield's Dog Mistigris Finn of Featherfly (25/06/2015)
Sire: FT Ch Levenghyl Bee of Featherfly. Dam: Astraglen Bebe at Mistigris.
Breeder: Mr & Mrs R Gent

3rd: Mrs Ellena Nunneley's Bitch Swiftlands Dora. (15/09/2014.
Sire: Paid in Full. Dam: Birdbrook Vixen.
Breeder: Ellena Nunneley

4th: Jane Tydeman's Bitch Roundcopse Orca. (05/03/2014)
Sire: FT Ch Braidenvale Speiran of Quabrook. Dam: Roundcopse Finch. Breeder: J Tydeman

Well done to all the competitors whose dogs did some incredible work before failing for one reason or another and huge congratulations to all who made it through to the awards, especially to Alan Ward (CF) whose dog shone throughout. A big 'thank you' to our excellent judges and to all those who helped out at the trial.

271st Novice Stake 2 (15 dogs)
The LRC were delighted to be at Hopton Wafers again for their novice trial at the kind invitation of Peter Vale, and to Gilpa, and George Plant Limited for their sponsorship.  We are also very indebted to Dave Morris for once again putting on an excellent day with plenty of birds for the guns and handlers.

We are very grateful to our judges, Tess Lawrence, Jennie Hankey, Morton Redpath and Clare Baker.  Thank you to Geraldine Thompson for running the trial.  Thanks also to Peter and Emma Scott, Steve Richardson, Clive Gibson and Clare Wood for travelling to help on the day.  
Once again the trial was run as one drive being split into four with duck, pheasant and partridge being retrieved by the dogs.

1st:    Ellena Nunneley with Swiftlands Dora awarded the Dr Munro Home Cup and the Red Riec Cup for the Best Owner/Handler.
KC No:  AR03852906. Bitch.  DoB:   15/09/2014
Sire:  Paid In Full   Dam:   Birdbrook Vixen
Breeder/Owner:  Ellena Nunneley.

2nd:  Leigh Jackson with Laggengill Dawn.  
KC No:  AS01486002. Bitch.  DoB:   14/04/2015
Sire: FTCh Ellijas Danny Dam:   Jocksburn Roxy
Breeder:  G T Ford.   Owner:  Leigh Jackson.

CoM: Chris Aston with Balibuntal Panama  awarded the Gilbertson & Page Prize for Guns’ Choice and the LRC Challenge Cup for the Best Looking Dog in the Awards.
KC No:  AS01142605. Dog.  DoB:   06/04/2015
Sire: FTCh Dovepark Hawk Of Ribblesdale  Dam:   Lindifferon Emma Of Balibuntal  Breeder:  Polly McClean.   Owner:  Chris Aston.
Congratulation to those other handlers who came so close to being in the awards and failed just at the end.     

272nd Open Qualifying Stake (24 dogs)
Our 2017 Open Stake held by kind permission of the Checkley Wood Shoot,  Ivor Beavis and Nicola Reynolds took place on the 13th & 14th November 2017. Steward of the Beat Nick Beavis looked after us very well with a range of cover that offered up plenty of challenges over the two days.

The team of guns were organised by 'Master-baker' Terry Humber and shot brilliantly over the two days. Our thanks to the excellent judges who gave every dog their chance: John Halsted, Dick Sorley, Steve Cullis and Allie Hogsbjerg.

1st place: FTCh Churnsway Zeus handled and owned by Paul Stogden. Paul was awarded the The Liphook Game Farm Cup, The Tweedshot Kite Cup, The Quintin Dick Memorial Cup for the Best Owner/Handler and the Quentin Dick Challenge Cup for the Best Looking Dog in the awards. The win made Paul's dog up to field trial champion. The Breeder Kevin Churnside is awarded the LRC Challenge Cup.

3rd place: Highroost Hollywood bred, owned and handled by Rodger Ketley. 

Guns' Choice: Echobrook Whisper of Quabrook owned and handled by Helena Sully. Helena was awarded the Gilbertson & Page Limited Prize. 

There were no other awards.
My thanks to Sharon Kitson, Paula Cullis and Geraldine Thompson for volunteering to help over the two days.

273rd All Aged Stake (14 dogs)
The Labrador Retriever Club held its All Aged Stake for 14 Dogs at Ragley Hall, Alcester by very kind permission of Lord Hertford. We are also grateful to Mr Alan Grainger for entertaining the judges and guns for breakfast at the Hall.
Our thanks to the very impressive Keeper and Steward of the Beat, Mr Neil Edkins who along with his team of beaters and spaniels kept a steady stream of birds flying over the guns throughout the day.

Judges at the trial were Mrs Barbara Kuen, Mrs Kim Jinks, Mrs Helen Goodwin and Mr Chris Aston. Our thanks to them and also to our very professional multi-tasking stewards, Jayne Coley, Sandra Onens and Steve Richardson.

Results are as follows:
1st Prize: Killyrudden Surefoot Of Flypatch Owned and handled by Tim Brain
KC Registration No:AS00807108. (Dog). Dob: 11/03/2015
Sire: Tarnedge Firth. Dam: Killyrudden Faeroe. Breeder: Polly Gibb. 

2nd: FTCh. Kestrelway Freddie Owned and handled by Mr Norman Onens
KC Registration No:2851CY. (Dog). Dob: 09/01/2011
Sire: FTCh. Waterford Fergus. Dam: Nobsquinton India Of Kestrelway. Breeder: Mrs Sandra Onens. 

3rd: Minstead Axel Owned and handled by Mrs Judith White
KC Registration No:AQ00589402. (Dog). Dob: 12/02/2013
Sire: FTCh. Blackfoot Scout of Minsted. Dam: Labdom Lane Of Minstead. Breeder: Ian White. 

CoM: Swiftlands Dora owned and handled by Ellena Nunneley
KC Registration No: AR03852906. (Bitch). Dob: 15/09/2014
Sire: Paid In Full. Dam: Birdbrook Vixen. Breeder: Ellena Nunneley.