Labrador Retriever Club 
Patron:  Her Majesty The Queen
President:  The Earl of Lonsdale

Our thanks to Gilbertson & Page Ltd who have very generously sponsored all our Field Trials

271st Open 2-Day Stake Report - 21st & 22nd Sept 18

After the three days of highly dangerous gales, the LRC 24 dog Open stake was held at Bowhill, near Selkirk in near perfect conditions.  The day dawned with bright sunshine, but by the start, the skies had clouded over and there was a light breeze.  The birds were pushed over the guns providing challenging shooting for them and difficult marking for the handlers.  After the close of the second round, 7 handlers were left standing but only 5 were taken through to the 2nd day.

Another glorious day dawned, with Stuart Riddell, the Hawthorn Sporting Estate Manager and his son Robert, the gamekeeper, taking us high up in the hills to a long valley with steep sides and an amphitheatre at the end, the colours were truly breathtaking in the autumn sun.  The walking was tricky for the handlers and guns but long walks had been cut through to make it easier.  Again, the shooting was superb, our thanks George Dunkley for his help in getting a team of excellent guns together.  All handlers and dogs were severelytested and by 1.30 pm the judges felt they had seen enough to make their decision.  

Judges:  Mike Rolland, Henrik Vilendal, Lee Hartis and Steve Hore.


1ST and qualifying for the IGL Championships for the 7th year in a row, equaling the record held by FTCh Ulstare Style was FTCh ASTERIX AGUZANNIS OF CHATSWORTH handled by JOHN HALSTED also being awarded the Liphook Game Farm Cup, the Tweedshot Kite Cup and A Guzanova winning the LRC Challenge Cup for the Breeder of the WInner
Sex:  Dog. DoB:  03/04/2010
Ragweeds Travel Of Craighorn x Fernshot Olivia  Breeder:  A Guzanova.  Owner:  Celina Carter

2nd and winning the Idsworth Challenge Cup for the Runner up was FTCh BROCKLEBANK NAVIGATOR OF CHATSWORTH also handled by JOHN HALSTED
Sex:  Dog.  DoB:  30/05/2011
FTCh Emmanygan Ramble x Bynbrig Bella Of Morayglen  

Breeder:  John Halsted Jnr.  
Owner:  Duchess Of Devonshire

3rd and winning the Quintin Dick Memorial Cup for the Best Owner/Handler in the Awards was FTCh FLAGONHALL HERMES OF WATERFORD handled by JAYNE COLEY
Sex:  Dog.  DoB:  28/03/2014
FTCh Waterford Featherman x Drakeshead Vine  

Breeder:  JA & JT Sugden.  
Owner:  Jayne Coley

CoM winning the Gilbertson & Page Prize for Guns’ Choice and The Quintin Dick Challenge Cup for the Best Looking Dog or Bitch in the awards was KESTRELWAY HARRY handled by NORMAN ONENS
Sex: Dog.  DoB:  04/02/2013
FTCh Waterford Featherman x Nobsquinton India Of Kestrelway  

Breeder:  Mrs Sandra Onens.  
Owner:  Norman Onens